Cricket for a Cause


Ask anybody about the best days of their lives and the nostalgia for their school days will undoubtedly kick in.

As an Indian growing up in the not so foreign country, Oman, majority of my childhood was spent in school. Although seemingly forcibly at the same, this experience is something I am eternally grateful for now. Looking back, I can easily see how those years have shaped me into the person I am today, making me a proud alumnus of Indian School Muscat. My favorite teachers, best friends, in fact my husband as well, are from my school, keeping me deeply sentimental about my beloved ISM.

One wisdom we have all carried with us is to be a helping hand to any person who needed it and the ISMA committee have effortlessly put this in practice through the various events hosted by them.

Cricket for a Cause

When I first heard of the new committee elected to manage Indian School Muscat Alumni, or ISMA as we lovingly call it, there was quite a bit of excitement and hope for the possibility to reconnect with my school and others who loved ISM as much as I did.

I have surely not been disappointed. ISMA President Mukund Manohar and his team have not only executed this but done it brilliantly. In addition to creating great moments for ISM alumni, the ISMA committee are using this platform to help the under-privileged students of ISM.

One of the most successful tournaments of the 3 sporting events held under the ISMA umbrella in 2018 was the cricket tournament which not only created a massive buzz across Muscat at the time of the tournament a year back, but it is still one of the most talked about event until this date.

Cricket for a Cause

One particular moment that created the most impact and left all the viewers breathless was the nail-biting bowl-out that turned out to be the final decider, where of the three participating teams, Spartans, Challengers and Titans, ISMA Spartans emerged as the winner.

These events not only brought together Alumni from batches 1992 to 2014 for a fun evening but the proceedings from the event funded tuition-fee scholarships to 16 Indian School Muscat students from low-income families. The academic scholarship awardees were students either with a single parent or parents with extremely low/no income.

These events undoubtedly have two wonderful sides to the coin.

The enthusiasm returns once again this year, and it is much bigger this time around.

ISMA is hosting the second season of the Cricket Tournament at Oman Cricket Al Amerat turf Ground on April 5th from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

This non-profit event will feature a series of friendly, yet exhilarating cricket matches amongst four Indian School Muscat Alumni teams ISMA Spartans, Challengers, Titans and Warriors. The four respective captains Ansar Raza Ansari, Suketu Limbani, Jaspreet Singh and Sanjit Kanojia brought on their competitive spirit and selected their teams in an ever so interesting auction through bidding wars replicating the Indian Premiere League auction format in the premises of Indian School Muscat.

Cricket for a Cause

ISMA has a proud network of 40,000+ alumni across the globe, with several hundreds actively registering each year. This tournament will boast alumni from batches 1992 to 2018, alumni not only from Oman, but those settled abroad as well and last but definitely not the least, alumni who are currently representing the Sultanate on the International cricket platform.

50+ alumni are coming together, for not just playing a sport they love but also for a cause that will help provide education to those in need and who deserve the opportunity to one day be an alumnus of this wonderful school.

The entry for this event is free, so join the fun and cheer on your favorite team along with supporting this noble initiative taken up by the ISMA committee.