Ask What’s Included in Your Hotel Rate, Take Insta-Perfect Vacation Pic: Travel Tips

Remember traveling 20 years ago? In 2000, there were no Uber or AirBnB, so you could be lumbered with a rickety old taxi or an overpriced fleapit on a far-flung vacation. Then again, it wasn’t all bad: The last chance to squeeze a loved one goodbye before boarding a flight was right at the gate, moments before boarding. So what will travel look like two decades from now? Mark and Nikki explore the findings of a new survey from Allianz Partners outlining how the landscape might change—and get out their own frequent-flying crystal ball to share a few predictions of their own.

This week’s Travel Genius is Moti Ankari. We think he’s one of the smartest yet—though we would say that, wouldn’t we? Moti is a former Pursuits colleague who stepped back from journalism to co-found the dapper shoe line Ankari Floruss. Now, he juggles his schedule as a full-time cobbler with a second role as one of the foremost menswear influencers on social media. (You might be one of the 190,000-plus folks who follow him on Instagram @motiankari.) Moti travels relentlessly for both gigs and is the ideal guide to help everyone stay stylish, even after a 12-hour flight in economy. He shares everything from the unlikely gadget any hotel can install in your room to keep clothes fresh and wrinkle-free to the best outlet mall to find discounted designer threads. All that, plus some bonus tips on how to make every Insta post from your trip irresistibly attention-grabbing.

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