WATCH: Terminator Dark Fate Trailer Released! Linda Hamilton Returns As Iconic Sara Connor

The story of the upcoming film takes place after Terminator 2: Judgment Day

WATCH: Terminator Dark Fate Trailer Released! Linda Hamilton Returns As Iconic Sara Connor
Image Source: YouTube

The official trailer for Terminator Dark Fate was released online, on Thursday. The upcoming movie marks the return of Linda Hamilton as Sara Connor from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It will be the sixth movie in the franchise, which began in 1984.

Interestingly, this new movie is also seen as a direct sequel to James Cameron’s 1991 directorial. Plus, it’s got Sara Connor back, so it’s obvious to say that.

But it also means that other movies which came in-between, now won’t make much sense. Because this one’s shown as a direct continuing part of the Judgment Day.

The latest trailer starts with Sara saving Grace (played by Mackenzie Davis of Blade Runner 2049 fame) and Dani Ramos. But Grace isn’t exactly a complete human, as can be seen in the trailer. She’s a soldier who’s got the responsibility of saving someone who’s the next target of Skynet.

The action scenes are good enough to catch your attention especially involving Linda Hamilton’s character. And there’s also a new villainous terminator that’s been introduced.

But the highlight of the trailer is the moment when Arnold Schwarzenegger appears. His returning terminator, as a human, looks aged now. Watch the trailer here.

Dark Fate also stars Natalie Reyes, Gabriel Luna, and Brett Azar, and Diego Boneta.

The film is directed by Deadpool fame Tim Miller and produced by James Cameron himself. The distribution will be done by Paramount Pictures in North America. While in other regions, 20th Century Fox will be rolling it out. Not to tell that 20th Century Fox now comes under Disney. So yes, in other words, the movie will be officially coming from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

It is set to release on November 1st, 2019 in North America.

Past films in this series were received in a mixed to good manner. But 2015’s Terminator: Genysis was the worst installment ever. It failed both critically and commercially.

And now the new addition this year is a step forward for reviving the popularity of Terminators again.

Hope for the best, all franchise fans.

Drop your own reactions in the comments section below about how you felt after watching this trailer. Was it great? Was it average? Or did it make you anticipated for the movie?