Consolidated growth

BankDhofar achieved a remarkable growth in the year 2018, as reflected in its consolidated net profit, capital adequacy ratio and total assets

Despite the current challenging economic and financial situation driven by volatile oil prices and rising interest rates, BankDhofar continued to grow in net profit in 2018, achieving 5.57 per cent growth year-on-year from RO47.63mn as of December 31, 2017 to RO50.28mn as of December 31, 2018. In continuation of its capital augmentation to strengthen the capital base, the bank has successfully raised capital of RO95mn in forms of rights issue of ordinary shares (by RO55mn) and additional tier 1 perpetual bond of RO40mn.

 BankDhofar has achieved remarkable growth in the past year and that applies to consolidated net profit, capital adequacy ratio and total assets. Moreover, as the bank is working towards providing the best customer experience to its customers, Bank Dhofar is focusing more on digital banking which has been a tremendous success since it revamped its digital banking platforms such as mobile banking, internet banking, the vast network of ATMs and CDMs, as well as multi-function kiosks that it recently introduced. All these platforms are available for BankDhofar customers 24/7 and they easily accessible to everyone anywhere.

For more than two decades, BankDhofar has been building a reputation for its foresight and reliable growth. As one of the largest banks in Oman, BankDhofar already claims a lion’s share of the market and continues to steadily grow. Innovation drives the bank’s prosperity and expansion, and our customer-centric focus ensures that we keep a finger on the pulse on the evolving needs of our customers. The latest tech advances are seamlessly integrated into the bank’s digital banking services, providing instant access and convenient controls for all customers, from individual accountholders to corporate customers. With the vision to be the best bank in the Gulf, BankDhofar has set a clear roadmap to be recognised as the best bank in the Gulf in terms of customer experience.