Ace Communicator

Haider Adnan Al-Zaabi, Senior Manager – Innovation and Intelligence, at Bank Dhofar, believes in the power of communication in influencing and inspiring people

Haider Adnan Al-Zaabi, one of the finalists of NTO BizPro Awards 2019, has over eight years of professional experience in banking, consultancy, insurance, IT, innovation and technology, human resources development and training, risk management and compliance.

He holds a Bachelor’s in International Business, a Master’s of Management in Innovation and Technology and Business Management from the UK, as well as a Nano-Degree in Data Foundations, and over 50 certifications and courses from esteemed universities and organisations including: Harvard Business School, Stanford University, Georgia Institute of Technology, San Jose State University, NUS Business School, Global Innovation Management Institute, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Google, Amazon, AT&T, and Facebook.

Haider is a firm believer in the power of communication in effecting changes and bringing about transformation. He says, “I have been focusing on developing my communication and human management skills, and found it to be very valuable, especially if you are working hard with various ideas in your mind, you will not be able to communicate it without the right communication skills. Being able to influence and inspire was very important, and it all came down to how you communicate the message, as well as your passion towards it.”

Inspired by his father
Haider says he has been mainly influenced by his father, the CEO of a major bank in Oman, who has always encouraged him to learn and grow his skills, as well as motivated him to follow his dreams and goals. “He always encouraged me to dream and be very ambitious, as nothing is impossible when you are working hard and passionately towards your dreams and goals,” he says.

Talking about his experience at Bank Dhofar, Haider says, “Bank Dhofar has been a great journey for me, especially in terms of exposure and growth as I have worked with some of the greatest minds and talents, whom I have learned so much from, and continue to learn from. I appreciate the bank for their support and belief in me during the years, as well as the great working environment set for learning and growing my skills further.”

For him NTI BizPro Awards 2019 was a great environment for learning and networking, where he had the opportunity to make new friends and colleagues, as well as learn from different individuals leading in different industries.

Set your goals high
He encourage young Omanis is to always continue to learn and set their ambitious and dreams as high as they can. He says as currently it’s getting more and more competitive, they will really need to innovate and come up with new ideas in order to be able to start or excel in their careers. “I also encourage Omanis to venture and seek new opportunities in building their own startups and setting their ideas into reality, and I do understand it is hard, but hard is what makes the results and success more enjoyable. I truly believe that Oman is a country of great opportunities and chances for the young to prosper and succeed, it is now the best time to enter the market with the 4th industrial revolution applications and opportunities, individuals can easily start a business or start freelancing, offering solutions and services to the whole world,” he adds.

Haider enjoys utilising his extra time in reading, swimming, jogging, free thinking and writing, and watching movies. In the future, he plan to excel further in his organisation, as well as venture into supporting organisations in the Sultanate and position them to be ready for the international markets, to further open up the opportunities. He currently provides various innovative tools and nudge solutions to help organisations improve their competitiveness and effectiveness, which can save up to more than RO500,000 in costs, as well as provide additional direct returns.

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