Hold fast to your dreams

Ahmed Murad Al Balushi, Assistant Project Manager, Oman Oil Marketing Company, asks the youngsters to live their dreams in order to be successful in career and life

Ahmed Murad Al Balushi holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s in business administration from Arab Open University. He is currently pursuing his PhD in leadership and management at Malaysia. Ahmed started off his career in 2013 as a field engineer at Baker Hughes Oil Services Company. Later, he joined Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO) as electrical and maintenance engineer.

Currently working as assistance project manager, Ahmed is tasked with preparing all technical scope of works, tender documents, technically evaluating the offers, managing the contractors and suppliers, managing the projects, controlling the project budgets, and controlling the invoices/payment for the contractors and suppliers.

He says, “OOMCO is growing very fast by expanding its service station networks. The company is opening quite a few new service stations every year, which helped us to have good experience in terms of managing a big number of projects at the same time.”

Enlightening experience

For Ahmed, BizPro Awards 2018 was a highly rewarding and enlightening experience. “It was an amazing platform as it enabled me to be one of highly skilled Omanis working around Oman and I learned a lot from this experience”, he says. “Honestly, once we went through the assessment I felt there was a great effort behind the Award and I really appreciated it. I was very happy and proud to reach the semi-final stage.”

Asked about his advice to young Omanis, who are looking at embarking upon a career, Ahmed replies, “Live your dreams or leave your dreams”. Ahmed who is about to complete his PhD in a year’s time, is also planning to purse a part time career as a lecturer, in addition to his main job. Asked about his future plans and aspirations, he says, “I am planning to reach the top management level either in OOMCO or any other organisation in Oman and contribute to my country’s socioeconomic development.”

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