No shortcut to success

Abdulaziz Masoud Humaid Al Harthy, manager, customer service for branches at Ahlibank, believes that proper planning coupled with appropriate action is a catalyst for success

Effective planning of personal, educational and career goals has been instrumental in Abdulaziz Masoud Humaid Al Harthy’s development as a promising banking professional. And he firmly believes that planning will continue to decide what he will become and where he will reach in the future.

“I always keep a simple wish list of goals I would like to accomplish and draft a plan on how to achieve them, which will boost my motivation to strive for the next step,” says Abdulaziz. “It is extremely hard to drive in the dark without your headlights on. Similarly, you can’t succeed in achieving your dreams without having a plan for it. That, I believe, is a simple philosophy which leads to great success.”
Abdulaziz has a Bachelor’s degree in management information systems (MIS) from Modern College of Business & Science and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Business Administration from Bedfordshire University.
He has over six years of experience in banking sector, which includes five years as internal auditor with National Bank of Oman. This was followed by a brief stint in the domain of central operations in different entities before he joins Ahlibank where he is currently heading customer service of branches under retail banking.
Abdulaziz who has just completed one year in Ahli Bank believes that his being nominated by the bank to participate in the NTI BizPro Awards proves that the bank recognises and appreciates its staff, no matter when they joined. “Having an open door policy and interaction with the highest level of management without barriers boosts confidence level of staff and creates a family-like work environment which is rarely experienced in other organisations,” he says.
Talking about his experience with the NTI BizPro Awards, Abdulaziz says, “It was a short but great experience and the challenge felt intense knowing the strength of the nominees who were initially selected. I was thrilled to have been selected as one of the ten who made it to the semi-finals. Despite not making it to the final round, I still believe that it was a good challenge that pushed my mental abilities to the extreme and one which I will be obliged to participate in again. I would like to thank NTI and KPMG for sponsoring, hosting and managing this programme which recognises young Omani talents.”
Nothing comes easy
Abdulaziz has always looked up to his father as a role model who taught him that nothing came easy in life unless one worked hard and smart to earn it. He says his dad always emphasized on being self-sufficient in life and constantly urged him to pay close attention to behavioural attributes in day-to-day interactions with other people in order to earn their respect. “I strongly believe that having such a set of beliefs
proves to be successful not only in your career path but throughout your journey in life,” he adds.
He advises young Omanis to be selective when it comes to their initial career position. “Instead of taking into account only the financial factor, look into your initial career as grounds to solidify your work-knowledge base that would support your future career growth. Don’t forget to have a plan on where you want to be as this will keep you focused on any step you take,” he adds.
There are options galore for AbdulAziz to spend his leisure time. He loves photography, cycling, camping, travelling, classic car collecting, drawing etc.
However, he is looking to complete his postgraduate degree and acquire a holistic experience of banking operations which will enable him to hold a key position in the risk/control side. Another future plan, planned to achieve after two to three years, is to set up his own business.

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