Strong role model

Hisham Mahfoodh Al Balushi, Head – Strategic Projects, Government Banking Group, NBO believes in being passionate and a constant learner in life
Can you give us a brief background of your education and profession?
I hold a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Honours degree in Electronic Business from University of Bedfordshire. I have completed my secondary school and graduated from Jabir bin Zaid School. I started my career with a job in National Bank of Oman (NBO) as a management trainee. During the management trainee programme, I worked in several departments of the bank and finally I joined the marketing division as a senior marketing officer. Before joining NBO I trained for a couple of months in two big organisations namely Bank Muscat and Fincorp. During my career in marketing I got promoted and was given more responsibilities becoming the Head of the Advertising & Communication Division. My responsibilities are not just restricted to marketing, branding, advertising and communications, as I also handle events and few more internal projects with the top management. Two years back I was moved to the Government Banking Group and was given a new role and challenges as the Head of Strategic Projects.
What are your strengths as a person that have enabled you to do well at an early age?
I would say being passionate about what I do is my biggest strength.
Who has been the biggest influence on you?
I have been influenced and inspired by many – my colleagues, senior management, and my boss from whom I have learnt dedication and who has always motivated me. My parents from whom I have imbibed leadership and the necessity of having a great vision. I have always considered the senior management team in my organisation as my ideals and I am working on emulating them.
What is your advice to young Omani executives, who are embarking on a career?
Work hard and smart, focus on your future plan and be passion. Always think out of the box and try to visualise the situation before taking action, be self-confident and a decision maker.
You were one of the semi-finalists of NTI Bizpro Awards. Can you share a few highlights of your experience in going through assessment and being a semi-finalist?
Unfortunately, I was not feeling well during the semi-finals and I felt that I will not reach the final list due to my illness. However, I was very lucky and proud to be nominated and selected to participate in this outstanding experience. The journey was fabulous and each step was a challenge particularly when
you are competing against bright young professional Omanis who are experts in their respective fields.
What are your future plans and ambitions?
My ambition is to be in the top management position in one of the leading organisations in Oman and to own my personal business.

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