Taking on challenges

Be passionate about everything you do. Whatever you set your heart and mind to do, you can do it; the choices are yours to make, says Ahlam Nasser Al Tauqi, Tendering and Contracts Manager, Rukun Al Yaqeen International, a winner of NTI BizPro Awards 2017. Oommen John P reports

Can you give us a brief on your education and professional background?
I was born and raised in Rwanda, Africa where I completed my High School degree. I completed my BSc. in Well Engineering (Mechanical Eng) from the International College of Engineering and Management in Oman and joined RAY International Oil and Gas LLC as a junior service engineer. I worked in the field on a hoist on a two week on two week off rotation before moving to Muscat as a project coordinator, then got promoted to projects manager within a year. Today, I work as a tendering and contracts manager, a job I enjoy because it involves the technical aspect, the commercial aspect as well as the managerial aspect thus giving me a wider exposure in the field of my studies and work.
I have just graduated from Majan University/University of Bedfordshire with an MBA; and I am looking forward to further challenges and opportunities.
What are your strengths that have enabled you to do so well at a young age?
I believe the strengths I have are the ability to adapt to environments, situations and multi-cultural milieu; ability to multitask effectively; openness to new challenges and changes as well as my eagerness to learn new things.
Who has influenced you the most as a person and are there any role models that you look up to?
The people that have influenced me the most are my mothers, including my grand mom; I have been admiring their patience, their smiles through all the struggles and their unbelievable strength and strong will. They have been my role models and are living examples that whatever happens to you, it all depends on how you react to it; so choose to react wisely. Having said that, I look up to strong ladies in our community such as HE Maitha Al Mahrouqi, Haifa Al Khaifi, Yuthar Al Rawahi and Her Highness Sayyida Mayya Al Said.
How has your experience been with Rukun Al Yaqeen International and what have you learnt over the years?
I have been with RAY for the past seven and a half years. RAY has given me an opportunity to grow and rise by providing me with the necessary environment, proper support and great encouragement.
Working with RAY and achieving all that I have done is not easy. It was challenging at times, but then that’s when you learn and grow.
I have learned to embrace challenges and overcome them, one day at a time, one chunk at a time. I also learned that I should never wait to be invested in, I am my own asset, and I should invest time and money in my growth, be it personal or professional.
I have implemented the “learn a new thing every day”; knowledge is vast, and we have a lot of reliable and helpful resources. I have also learnt to push myself beyond limits, multitask, overachieve and over-perform. It does not depend on how much effort and commitment I put in but also how passionate and enthusiastic the task makes me feel.
As the winner of the NTI BizPro award, what advice would you like to give young Omanis, who are looking at embarking upon a career?
Choose a path that will bring joy to your everyday life. Do not limit yourself by doing things just because you have to. Be passionate about everything you do. Whatever you set your heart and mind to do, you can do it; the choices are yours to make. However always take the responsibilities that come with your choices irrelevant of the outcome and do so with a smile.
What are your interests and hobbies?
I love spending time with my family and friends, it is never tiresome nor boring. In addition, I love discovering new things, places, food, and people. Besides, I love reading books and enjoy watching movies.
What are your plans for the future?
I plan to grow in the ladder of management. But eventually I am planning to open my own business and become my own boss, hopefully in the oil and gas sector. Insha’Allah, in the next five to seven years, I will be a prosperous and successful business owner.

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