Middle East’s first hologram arcade ‘Holoverse’ opens at Oman Avenues Mall


Al Tamman Group’s Grand Entertainment LLC has partnered with renowned Australian immersive entertainment technology specialist – Euclideon Entertainment, to bring to the Sultanate, the Middle East’s first hologram arcade – ‘Holoverse’.

Slated to open to the public mid-February, Oman’s new retailtainment offering, Holoverse is located in the Oman Avenues Mall on the 1st Floor. The gaming arcade has six gaming tables, with two players being able to play per table at a time.

“Hologram technology is closer to augmented reality and is a life-like 3D projection of an artificial environment, presented in the real world around you. Holoverse offers a new take on virtual reality entertainment through the Euclideon Hologram Arcade Table which is a gaming table with a twist, where two players can play simultaneously, leading to a significantly more social experience”, said a Senior Spokesperson, from Grand Entertainment.

“My team and I are excited to bring what the public have only seen in science fiction films to life. Holoverse adds an exciting dimension to Oman’s tourist and visitor experience, boosting the nation’s entertainment quotation.

Persons visiting the facility, will be able to experience hologram technology for the very first time in Oman. As one of the biggest tourist attractions, the Sultanate will benefit greatly from having this brand-new, cutting-edge technology arcade, available at Oman Avenues Mall.”

Bruce Dell at holoverse launch Oman
Bruce Dell, CEO of Euclideon Entertainment

Bruce Dell, the CEO of Euclideon Entertainment elucidated: “Euclideon and Al Tamman Group have been working hard over the past few months to make the Holoverse arcade in Oman a reality. Once open, guests will be able to choose from different interactive games, with many more being made available over the coming months. Holoverse will also have a Party Room.”

Holoverse is almost ready for its grand opening, and was recently visited by special guests and members of the media fraternity. Sahara Humayon, one of the special guests invited to the gaming facility said: “Holoverse is magical, the effects were simply awesome. Would definitely recommend it to one and all.”

Another beaming invitee Chandrasekr Parameswaran commented: “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was blown away by the whole experience. Holoverse is so different from anything I had imagined, and I absolutely loved it!”

The Euclideon Hologram Arcade Tables at Holoverse have numerous unique features which focus on creating a unique and engaging gameplay experience with an emphasis on replay-ability. The tables boast a great catalogue of locally developed, fun games which are sure to delight players and foster friendly competition.

Grand Entertainment will also be bringing other activity-based entertainment and family-oriented entertainment options to the Sultanate in the near future.