Increase in natural gas production in Oman

The total local production and import of natural gas reached 42.194 billion cubic metres by the end of November 2019, an increase of 0.08 per cent, compared to 41.844 billion cubic metres by the end of November 2018.

Statistics showed that industrial projects accounted for 3.8 per cent of the uses of natural gas in the Sultanate by the end of November 2019. The industrial project uses reached 26.087 billion cubic metres.

The total use of industrial estates in the Sultanate, including Oman Mining Company, and Oman Cement, reached 138 million cubic metres. The uses of oilfields from natural gas amounted to 8.886 billion cubic metres, an increase of 1.5 per cent over November 2018. The uses include losses, metering differences and the coefficient of contraction.

The power plants used 7.028 billion cubic meters of natural gas, a decrease of 9.4 per cent. The Ministry of Defence and Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) used 55 million cubic metres of natural gas.

The non-associated production of natural gas, including import, amounted to 34.550 billion cubic metres. The oil-associated production amounted to 7.644 billion cubic metres

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