Wednesday, 3rd June 2020, 11:00AM (Muscat)

The business owners and corporate honchos in the Sultanate of Oman across sectors are faced with the challenge of surviving the economic slump in the short term and preparing for the new normal post Covid-19 or living with the Covid-19 when the economy gets into the revival mode.

It is time to move from just crisis management mode to a positive mindset by focusing on how businesses could innovate and adapt fast enough when the economy gets in a revival mode. As the business leaders in your respective segments, you need to identify and strategize focusing on the catalysts for change and unique approaches that could hasten the recovery.

After the highly successful Webinar ‘Tackling Economic Disruption and Business Risk’ in April attracting over 800 live audience and viewership of over 5,000, OER brings to you the Webinar ‘Business Transformation for the New Reality’. It will focus on how business leaders in Oman could re-engineer and transform their business to remain ahead of the curve during the recovery phase as well as ensure success in the future. The corporate leaders and market experts will express their views on the need for a business transformation and share their experiences and learnings to find relevant solutions.

Meet Our Speakers

Topics of Discussion

  • Identifying the catalysts and unique approaches for a quicker recovery
  • Maintaining the fine balance between business profitability and sustainability
  • Key areas to focus for achieving business transformation
  • Building innovation based business
  • Importance of investing in effective digital transformation
  • Successful business transformation examples from Oman and globally
Key Takeaways
  • Understand how your business could recover faster during the economic revival
  • Acquire knowledge on what leads to successful business transformations
  • How to create business that is more resilient to market disruptions and turbulence
  • How to rebuild business powered by digital technologies
  • New opportunities for generating higher efficiencies and business growth for increased shareholders’ value
    For more information, contact: Shivkumar Gaitonde; Email: [email protected]; Tel: +968 99267159