4 Unique Ideas For A Socially Distanced Holiday Adventure In Oman

Adventurist and travel blogger Vani Khurana delves into the world of socially distanced holidays and discovers a world of opportunities within Oman that are worth a look.

When it comes to traversing rugged mountains, secluded beaches, and hidden wadis in Oman, most people believe that it is meant for young adventurists.

Albeit, that’s not entirely true. While Oman is a haven for the thrillseekers, there are a plethora of experiences for the laidback, comfort-seeking, travel enthusiasts.

And, there is definitely more than one way to enjoy the Sultanate’s deep gorges and pristine sandy beaches that are set against mighty silhouettes of the peaking Al Hajar mountains and the azure waters of the Arabian Sea.

Here are four unique (and tad over-the-top) experiences that will safely re-kindle your faith in the great outdoors, all while asserting that beauty truly has an address – Oman.

Camping On A Rooftop Tent

4 Unique Ideas For A Socially Distanced Holiday Adventure In Oman

This is as exciting as it sounds!

Rooftop tenting is camping atop an SUV. Bahwan Tourism offers guests unique experiences with their signature rooftop tents that have been refurbished to cater to Oman’s camping scene.

Call it a rooftop tent or a pop-up; these new-fangled camping rigs will make your camping cozy in the desert, mountains, or in the wadis of Oman.

It’s easy to mount, safe to stay in, and is mobile. It can be mounted on a flat and strong steel platform atop a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

These rooftop tents are also comfortable, durable, and weather-proof – and it offers amenities such as built-in mattresses, cooking pots, utensils, cutlery, a gas cooker, tables and chairs for two, and a jerry can for water.

Wild Camping & A Road Trip Worth Remembering

4 Unique Ideas For A Socially Distanced Holiday Adventure In Oman

You don’t have to be a braveheart for this wild escapade.

Anyone with the flair for the open roads and the wits to camp in the wild can opt-in for this adventure.

My advice is simple: pack your bags to set off on a minimum 10-day road trip starting from the capital city of Muscat and ending in the green coves of Salalah. The tour takes you on a drive along the grand coastline where the white sands meet the waters.

4 Unique Ideas For A Socially Distanced Holiday Adventure In Oman

Camp in the most unexpected places: the edge of the breathless landscapes of the Hajar Mountains or the shifting sands of Wahiba are truly worth the experience.

You could also discover the old forts of Jabrin and Nizwa or journey into the vast emptiness of the Empty Quarter. It’s a journey of incredible contrasts that follows in the footsteps of the pioneering explorers and also takes in some of the richest natural and cultural highlights that Arabia has to offer.

Wrap it all up with a delicious al fresco dinner on the beach and the beauty of sleeping under the stars.

Capture Aerial Views Of Oman On-Board A Helicopter

4 Unique Ideas For A Socially Distanced Holiday Adventure In Oman

Take to the skies if you’re feeling intrepid. Hop on board a helicopter for an exhilarating experience if leisure and luxury are on your mind. These experiences include 15 to 30 minutes city tours of Oman from the skies. Passengers get to soak in the aerial views of Qantab, Al Khairan, Muttrah, and Qantab.

Chartered services can also be organised for private transfers and flying to Bidiyah, Duqm, Jabal Akhdar, Khasab, Masirah, Sur, Zighy Bay, and more.

Wadi tours

4 Unique Ideas For A Socially Distanced Holiday Adventure In Oman

Wadis are Oman’s greatest gems. A visit to Oman is never complete without a day spent at one of the several wadis it has to offer.

The best thing about enjoying a wadi tour is the diversity it offers – swim deep into the gorges and catch glimpses of the unseen at Wadi Tiwi or just plop yourself with a picnic basket under the shade of palm trees.

You could also bank by the transparent waters at Wadi Misfat Abreein or Wadi Bani Khalid; or cook a meal and then plunge into the beauty that these valleys have to offer.

Photos courtesy: Shutterstock, Vani Khurana