Citizens Exempted From Mandatory Institutional Quarantine In Oman

Muscat: The Supreme Committee tasked with dealing with the Coronavirus has decided to exempt Omanis from undergoing mandatory institutional quarantine when they re-enter the Sultanate.

Prior to this decision, all passengers entering the country through its land, sea, and air borders were expected to be quarantined in a hotel for a period of seven days. Expats re-entering the country must still undergo institutional quarantine until further notice.

The Supreme Committee added that this decision will come into effect from today [April 6]. All Omanis must still continue to comply with the seven-day home quarantine rule, and other protocols that have been set in place.

In a statement online, the Committee stated: “Within its continuous sessions held to evaluate developments of COVID-19 in the Sultanate, the Supreme Committee has decided to exempt Omanis arriving in the Sultanate through its land, sea, and air borders from mandatory institutional quarantine, but should continue to undergo home-based isolation, together with other procedures imposed on all arrivals in the Sultanate.

“Consequently, they will not need to provide proof for their hotel booking for 7 nights, or a guarantee letter which specifies details of the arrangements being made in accordance with institutional quarantine requirements.”