Find Your Perfect Match With Jotun

At Jotun, we have been creating colours for nearly 60 years. Colours, like great love, can invoke a multitude of feelings – from putting a smile on someone’s face to transporting them to a fond memory.

This Valentine’s Day, Jotun has played matchmaker, pairing favourites from the Jotun Colour Trends 2021 collection with the perfect counterpart. The collection features newly developed colours complemented by timeless hues, carefully selected by Jotun’s colour experts, from Jotun’s extensive archives.

Every colour has an exciting story to tell. A story that can be brought to life with the perfect colour and paint. Be inspired this Valentine’s Day and let us help you find your perfect match.

For the chocolate lovers

Find Your Perfect Match With Jotun
Color Code: Velvet

Whether you’re a fan of Milk, Hazelnut, or Dark chocolate, you can find your perfect match this Valentine’s Day with Jotun – here are some of our favourites:

Velvet [10246]

Take a trip down nostalgia way with this warm, muted yellow evocative of the caramelized spice of Lotus Biscuit.

Impression [12125]

Soulful, gilded, golden brown, reminiscent of the elegant, nutty taste of hazelnut and milk chocolate.

Belgian Brown [10385]

Bite into the very essence of warm Belgian Brown with this rich and silky slice of chocolate.

For the hopeless romantics

Find Your Perfect Match With Jotun
Color Code: Desert Pink

A true statement maker for the hopeless romantics – take a look below at our pick of colours of the earth that connect us to each other and the surrounding landscape.

Welcoming Red [20167]

A golden and pleasant red, with a hint of pink, inviting you into a love full of warmth and wisdom.

Natural Clay [12124]

Colours of the earth connect us to the surrounding landscape with this rustic and authentic orange tone. Perfect for those of you who like a little bit of earthy tones.

Desert Pink [12120]

Driving down to Qudra Lake with your loved ones never seemed so fun. Love is the essential building block of human life, just like this Desert Pink.

For the star-crossed lovers

Find Your Perfect Match With Jotun
Color Code: Natural Blue

Nordic Blues are a mood! These shades make spaces into sanctuaries, encouraging slower-paced and more mindful ways of being, and making the home a place of reflection and rest.

Coastal Blue [5504]

In a world of noise and distraction, pleasant, calm, and slightly greenish shades cultivate a sense of simplicity.

Natural Blue [5503]

The grey-blue of the ocean, white wisps of cloud, mountain stone. These are the colours of places we retreat to when we want to immerse ourselves in nature.

Ocean Air [4894]

The sky and the sea have a power to lift us up, opening our minds to the infinite and the unknown, encouraging us to find tranquillity in a remote wilderness or a distant horizon.

For the modern love stories

Find Your Perfect Match With Jotun
Color Code: Crisp

Take it to the next level with Pastel! A palette for aesthetes and connoisseurs – those who appreciate modern design, heritage, and art history.

Cityscape [6379]

A greyish, blue-green tone, often known as mint. Colours that represent retro and forward-looking, bringing vintage touches to contemporary interiors.

Iconic [6378]

A muted mint tone, bringing life to ideas and introducing emotions to otherwise empty spaces.

Crisp [8118]

A cool yet easy going colour that adorns inspirational and uplifting spaces where new ideas can be born, daydreams can be indulged, and fancies can take flight.

All colours featured are available across all Jotun stores in the region. Find out more via