Oman Detects First Case Of Mutant COVID-19 Strain; Patient In Stable Condition

Muscat: Oman’s Ministry of Health announced today [January 5] the registration of the first case of infection with the new strain of COVID-19 that was recently detected in the United Kingdom and other countries around the world.

In a statement issued today, the Health Ministry said that infection with the genetic variant of COVID-19 was detected on an expatriate who arrived in the Sultanate from the United Kingdom.

The patient showed symptoms of the infection during the post-landing quarantine period.

Albeit, he tested negative for COVID-19 before and after arrival. Precautionary public health procedures were applied when dealing with the patient, who is currently in a good health and undergoing home isolation.

The announcement reaffirms the vigilance of the Sultanate’s health system, preparedness to handle public health emergency and measures applied in travel outlets to detect infection and to upgrade the capabilities of central public health laboratories.

The Ministry of Health thereby urges citizens and residents to abide by decisions of the Supreme Committee tasked with tackling developments resulting from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The ministry also advises all not to travel abroad, except for emergencies, given the spread of the new COVID-19 strain across many countries.

The ministry also stresses that the vaccine should be taken by the target segments. All should stick to physical distancing and, if infected, undergo health isolation and follow preventive instructions.