OMSB Launches Health E-Learning Platform ‘Tebyan’ In Oman

Muscat: Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) launched at its headquarters today [November 4] ‘Tebyan’ – the national e-learning platform for health.

Held under the patronage of Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Saeedi, the Minister of Health and Chairman of OMSB Board of Trustees, the launch of the e-learning Platform comes in recognition of the importance of continuing the educational process in the field of medicine and health and its role in qualifying and preparing medical personnel.

It also emphasises on the right of those in the health sector to receive timely education and remain up-to-date on developments by using the latest electronic technologies anywhere and anytime, and from credible sources.

OMSB Launches Health E-Learning Platform 'Tebyan' In Oman

The launch event commenced with a welcome speech by Dr. Hilal bin Ali Al-Sabti, the OMSB Executive President, and was followed by a presentation and a peek into its salient features.

The educational platform aims to contribute to the process of remote medical education and training of resident doctors of the Board, doctors from outside the Board, and other medical groups working in the health sector.

This can be achieved through lectures and integrated training courses that will be available on the platform in the remote learning management system.

It also aims to improve the educational process for the Ministry of Health staff in the Sultanate by enhancing their learning experience through attractive and innovative means, contributing to health awareness among the community, and partnering with the relevant authorities to develop and update innovative medical education methods.

OMSB Launches Health E-Learning Platform 'Tebyan' In Oman

Through this platform, doctors and health practitioners can also access numerous educational resources, and complete training activities and practical exercises in an interactive and interesting way.

At the end of the training course, the participant will receive an electronic certificate approved by the Oman Medical Specialty Board.

The platform also allows doctors to enroll in new training courses based on the requirements of their resident physician categories, such as scientific research methodology, communication skills, and infection prevention and control.

This was tested during the peak of the pandemic (COVID-19) when the technology was used to host events that required the attendance of a large number of participants.

Moreover, induction programs for new doctors enrolled in the OMSB for the year 2020 were also presented through the platform.

Source: ONA