Students In Oman Successfully Begin Online Classes. Here Are The Stats:

The Sultanate’s Ministry of Education has revealed data on its e-learning platform for the first week since the start of the new academic year.

In what can be called a successful start to the year, the entry platform witnessed more than five million frequent visitors and 570,000 new visitors. Of the recorded numbers, 200,000 students were between grades one and four.

Meanwhile, Google Classroom has clocked record growth in the span of five days with more than one million visits. The data also reveals that 29,000 of the visitors used an android device (phone or tablet), while 14,000 used iOS devices in just one day.

Oman currently conducts over 300,000 classes using the Google Classroom platform, and there are over 110,000 recorded conversations between students and teachers daily. It is also worth noting that student/peer interaction currently stands at 218,000.

Data consumption is currently at 6,000GB over the Google Classroom platform.