‘We As Women Should Empower Others’: Honourable Lujaina Mohsin Darwish Shares Message With The Women of Oman

    On the occasion of the 11th Omani Women’s Day, Honourable Lujaina Mohsin Darwish, one of the flag-bearers of women empowerment in Oman, shares her message with the women of the Sultanate.

    Shared below is an excerpt from our interview:

    Q) What is the importance of Omani Women’s Day – and what does it represent for the women in the Omani community?

    Omani Women’s day came into existence to celebrate the importance of women in Oman, and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all Omani women on this special day where they are celebrated not only for their achievements but also for all their attributes.

    I would like to thank His Majesty for dedicating a day in recognition to the Women in Oman. It definitely portrays the fact that women are an integral part of the Nation’s development and we contribute to the growth and development of the nation in more ways than one can imagine.

    Q) What are some of the positive changes that you have personally witnessed in gender equality over the last few decades in Oman?

    Oman has a long tradition of championing women, I have been a witness to this and it is essential to us that women are strongly represented, not only as an integral part of the economy, but also as upholding pillars of various facets of the country.

    Oman has definitely come a long way with regard to gender equality. I think it is important not only to consider the ratio of men to women working within any type of establishment but to also work with a diverse community of women. Women should know that you don’t have to prove that you can do it all. Sometimes it is not easy or smooth, but we can balance life between work and home. You can ask for help, and you are not inferior if you need assistance. You don’t always have to be perfect!

    For every woman contributing to a more equal future, there are women we look to for guidance and inspiration – and this is where we as women appreciate each other.

    Q) Do you have a message to share with the young women of Oman?

    I would like to say a lot of things to all the lovely Omani women out there, but let me start by asking each of you all to be confident in your abilities and flaunt them, do what truly complements and embodies your happiness. This will intrinsically motivate yourself and the people around you!

    We as women should empower others to help themselves fulfill their potential and become their best self, you are bound to face multiple challenges as a woman, and eventually you could be your only obstacle – because it’s not about the fall but it’s always about how you pick yourself up and lead the way. So believe in yourself, work hard and you will achieve what you dream for!