Monday, September 23, 2019
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2,2028 Indian companies join DCCI in first half of 2019

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) saw a marked 18% increase in new members with as many as 2,208 Indian companies joining...

Grannies in Running Shoes Are Delivering Ramen for Uber in Japan

(Bloomberg) -- Uber Technologies Inc.’s strategy for Japan, where ride-sharing is banned, is as unique as the country itself — think grandma in running shoes...

Top Tech Startups in Oman

Like the rest of the Gulf, Oman has always been dependent on oil based revenues. A country where generally native people opted to work...

Can Co-working Spaces Lead to a Rise in Oman’s SME’s?

Co-working spaces provide an ideal field for someone to break ground for an entrepreneurial venture. These independent offices function differently from a regular and...

How to Dress to Impress The Workforce

Suit up! It’s time to take over the corporate world, one power suit at a time. A new age work environment calls for a...

How to Land The Pitch Perfect Presentation

A presentation goes far beyond the power point. A company’s most valuable asset is its employee. So, when presenting - keep in mind that...

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