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Goldman Sachs Strengthens Environment Policy as Global Talks Falter

(Bloomberg) --Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has tightened its policy on fossil fuel financing in a move welcomed by environmental groups, just as global talks...

An Exxon-Owned Firm Figured Out How to Curb CO2 in 1991

(Bloomberg) --Back in 1991, when climate policy was in its infancy, an Exxon subsidiary came to a startling and prescient conclusion about how to...

Saudi Aramco Pitches Itself as the Low-Carbon Investors’ Choice

(Bloomberg) --Since 1980, the year Saudi Aramco was fully nationalized, the world’s largest oil producer has pumped about 116 billion barrels of crude oil...

Step Up on Climate Change or Risk Divestment: Billionaire Warns Companies

(Bloomberg) --TCI Fund Management Ltd., the firm run by billionaire hedge fund manager Christopher Hohn, warned companies in its portfolio to step up their...

Top polluters head to global climate talks: Here’s what to expect

(Bloomberg) --All eyes are on China as negotiators from nearly 200 nations head to Madrid for the next round of United Nations climate talks....

H&M tests renting clothes to address environment concern

(Bloomberg) --Hennes & Mauritz AB is testing out a clothing rental service as the fashion industry faces mounting criticism for waste and pollution. As of...

Venice’s future is challenged by climate change and mass tourism

(Bloomberg) --Two weeks after high tides and fierce winds produced the worst flooding in Venice in more than half a century, sirens sound about...
Aramco Pumps Oil at Fraction of Rivals' Costs and Way More of It

Aramco Faces Serious Risks From Climate Change, Report Says

(Bloomberg) --Climate change poses a serious risk to Saudi Aramco’s long-term business as rising sea levels and temperatures could damage infrastructure, curb productivity and...

Tackling Climate Change

https://youtu.be/nYbMZq8qLaE Climate change is affecting more people as global warming becomes more apparent around the world. Previous generations have for around two centuries been changing our...
new delhi smog

Global pollution is rising again and won’t peak before 2040

(Bloomberg) --Global greenhouse-gas pollution rose for a second year, ending a lull in emissions and putting the world on track for further increases through...