Friday, August 23, 2019
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‘The Report: Oman 2020’ to analyse country’s foreign investment drive

Global research and advisory firm Oxford Business Group (OBG) will be bringing out The Report: Oman 2020, which will chart the latest measures taken...

ICT – Oman’s New Economic Sector

In a bit to widen its economic prospects, the Sultanate has proposed projects and investments that fare approximately RO 100m - to build a...

Oman’s Wind Energy Project – Change is in the Air

Oman has been developing numerous renewable energy projects in a bid to shift towards a post-oil economy. The wind energy project in Dhofar is...

Oversaturated Market – A Threat to Oman’s Economy

While the Sultanate is fast at addressing its economic diversification agenda under the Tanfeedh program, the looming issue of an oversaturated Omani market does...

Oman’s Drop in Imports and Rise in Self-Sufficiency

Oman’s heavy reliance on the oil and gas sector for its economy might dissuade soon. As part of its Tanfeedh initiative, the Sultanate has...

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