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The Way Out for a World Economy Hooked On Debt? More Debt

(Bloomberg) -- Zombie companies in China. Crippling student bills in America. Sky-high mortgages in Australia. Another default scare in Argentina. A decade of easy money...

Global risk-taking binge gives Central Banks cause to shudder

(Bloomberg) --Global central banks are approaching the end of the year with a collective shudder at the risky behavior that their low interest-rate policies...
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Banks Must Act Now or Risk Becoming a ‘Footnote’: McKinsey

(Bloomberg) --More than half of the world’s banks are already in a weak position before any downturn that may be coming, according to a...

Saudi Arabia Wants to Lower Unemployment. It Needs Tourists To Help

(Bloomberg) -- Perched behind the counter of a mid-range hotel in Riyadh, Bashayer admits she was reluctant to take a job as a receptionist. But...

World Economy Chiefs Flirt With the Idea of Fiscal Stimulus

(Bloomberg) -- Finance ministers and central bankers from around the globe gave momentum to the idea of fiscal stimulus as the way to revive...

Morocco to Resume Flexible FX Regime to Tackle External Shocks

(Bloomberg) --Morocco is able to switch back to a more flexible foreign-exchange regime at the first sign of an external shock such as a...

Global Finance Chiefs Pledge to Use All Tools to Aid Growth

(Bloomberg) --Global finance ministers and central bankers pledged to use all their tools, including fiscal policy, to support demand amid a “highly uncertain” outlook...
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Oil Holds Two Days of Losses as Demand Outlook Deteriorates

(Bloomberg) --Oil held two days of losses as a worsening demand outlook was compounded by signs it will be difficult for the U.S. and...

World’s Most-Loved Megabank Is Surrounded by a Lending Crisis

(Bloomberg) --All around HDFC Bank Ltd., India’s biggest lender by market value, the news seems to be bad and getting worse: economic growth is...

Is the World Economy Sliding Into First Recession Since 2009?

(Bloomberg) - The global economy is wobbling and whether it topples over is the big question in financial markets, executive suites and the corridors...