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‘AI, 5G, Cloud On The Cusp Of Transforming The Healthcare Sector’

AI, 5G and the cloud are on the cusp of transforming the healthcare sector, according to Rasheed Al Omari, Principal Business Solutions Strategist, SEMEA,...
Derek Manky, Chief Security Insights & Global Threat Alliances, Fortinet

Using AI to Level the Cyber Playing Field

Imagine what you would have done differently in your network if you could have just seen a few years into the future. Would you...
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8 Enterprise Technology Predictions for 2020

A new year (and a new decade!) is almost upon us. It wouldn’t be December without sharing my thoughts on the tech trends and...

These Are The Top Ten Tweets on Big Data

Big Data has become a game changer in modern times. From business predictions to urban informatics, data science is at the forefront of every...