Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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You Can Now Watch ‘Seinfeld’ on Netflix

Netflix scored a key victory in the battle for classic sitcoms. The streaming service announced that it won the rights to all 180 episodes...

Fall Movie Preview 2019: Hustlers, Joker, Parasite Show Class War

(Bloomberg) -- Hollywood movies have always demanded a villain, and the man with the money has been an easy target from the days of It’s a Wonderful Life through to Wall Street, American...

The New Generational Divide: Screen Size

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- The generational divide is described and defined in many different ways, some more empirical than others. Many of these theories are...

AT&T’s Plan to Beat Netflix: More Films, Shows and Documentaries

(Bloomberg) - AT&T Inc.’s plan to take on Netflix is taking shape, and it starts with one word: more. More documentaries. More movies. More TV shows....

Netflix to Adapt Classic Novel ‘100 Years of Solitude’ as Series

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s masterpiece novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” is coming to the screen for the first time as a Netflix Inc. series,...

Can Netflix Win Best Picture?

The Oscars are purportedly about honoring the best movies of the year, but they also serve as a proxy war between old-guard Hollywood studios...

Netflix Star Marie Kondo Builds on Long Tradition: Adam Minter

The unlikely television hit of the new year is Netflix Inc.’s “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.” With each episode, Kondo, a Japanese consultant and author...

Netflix says ‘Fortnite’ is bigger competition than HBO

Netflix is losing customers, to Fortnite and not to HBO. The company said in a letter to investors Thursday that “Fortnite,” the popular video game,...

Why Disruption is not Disruptive Anymore

In the past decade, disruption was the in-thing. You’d see this word in every pitch deck, in meetings with entrepreneurs or even in boardrooms...

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