Drones – Oman’s Step Towards Technological Advancement

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Oman has taken great strides in terms of technological advancement and drones seem to be the Sultanate’s newest offering. Whilst opening new doors for innovation, these advancements also strengthen the country’s infrastructure and run parallel with its overall progress. Efficiently cutting down the need for human intervention in certain fields, these drones will prove to be beneficial to almost all sectors of the Sultanate.

Surveillance for Ports

Being the first of many to utilize the equipment at Oman’s ports, Oman Logistics (ASYAD) will use the drone technology soon. ASYAD will use these remote-controlled drones to inspect Sohar’s docking site for maintenance and enhancement related issues. With its ability to provide an eagle eye view, the drone will be used to detect, record, and photograph, any damages incurred at the port. Allowing for a quicker response rate to damages, the technology will even allow for algorithm-based analysis and problem solving to be carried out for the same.

Drones in The Oil and Gas Sector

Oman has yet to experiment with drones in the oil and gas sector. However, the day does not seem a long way off. A recent report suggests that Terra Drone, a Tokyo-based corporation, has signed an investment agreement with the Saudi oil and gas inspection firm – NDT Corrosion Control Services Co. (NDTCCS). The company’s clientele includes the Sultanate, and the agreement suggests that the technology will soon find itself being implemented in Oman’s oil and gas sector as well. Similar to its directive at the Sultanate’s ports, the equipment will provide damage surveillance and reporting.

Drones - Oman’s Step Towards Technological Advancement
Muscat International Airport

Anti-Drone System at Muscat Airport

The device’s growing popularity has led to its wide-spread reach. Though serving an abundance of useful services, the device can also prove to be a hindrance for airports. Emitting radio frequencies that can throw a plane’s signals off and its chances of crashing into an airborne flight are just some of the many risk factors. The Sultanate has found a way to tackle the problem, introducing the world’s first drone detection system to be installed at Muscat Internation Airport. Aaronia AG, a German-based equipment manufacturing company represented by R&N Khimji LLC, has unveiled the AARTOS anti-drone system, that will detect and track the drones that fly close to the airport zone, in order to prevent an unfortunate incident.

Drones - Oman’s Step Towards Technological Advancement

Potential Use for Civil Services

Apart from its industry-based application, drones have a role to play even in terms of civil distress and public facilitation. As much was indicated in the ‘5G Use Cases’ competition held by Omantel and Ericsson. The ‘Drone’ project, that went ahead and won the competition, exhibited the drone’s ability to monitor and send out emergency responses in areas affected by a climate or infrastructure related crisis.

The Sultanate will benefit greatly from utilizing drones across its various sectors. Already in the beginning phases amongst some industry players, this device and its tactical usage will help speed up the process of digital transformation in Oman.

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