Omnicell introduces New Rapid Pandemic Response Scheme to support partners in the Middle East in fight against COVID19

Omnicell introduces New Rapid Pandemic Response Scheme to support partners in the Middle East in fight against COVID19
Omnicell introduces New Rapid Pandemic Response Scheme to support partners in the Middle East in fight against COVID19

Omnicell, Inc. (NASDAQ: OMCL) – a leading supplier of product delivery technologies and adhesion software for healthcare networks and pharmacies-has reported today that the organization is partnering with its manufacturer partners in the Middle East to speed up front-line healthcare technology strategies to better satisfy the growing need for services during the emerging COVID-19 pandemic.

Omnicell technology has been helping healthcare services in the Middle East for 17 years, including the King Faisal Specialist Hospital (KSA), the National Health Service (KSA), and the Dubai Health Authority (UAE). Barriers to purchasing, delivering, and upgrading the XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets have been eliminated to enable hospitals to easily ‘scale up’ their medication distribution and procurement demands as early as possible.

Ivor Matthews, Omnicell’s Head of International Marketing in the Middle East, said: “The increasing growth of bed space and growing demand on ICU units at this moment implies that funding for healthcare services has never been greater. By offering a variety of ‘fast-track’ goods and resources, we aim to help healthcare practitioners invest more energy on face-to-face patient treatment.

Omnicell has been pushing progress in medicine and advanced device delivery in all healthcare environments for 25 years. The goal of its portfolio of goods and services is to minimize mistakes in medication distribution, increase patient safety, boost quality and enable healthcare practitioners to focus more time on face-to-face patient care.

With healthcare providers in the Middle East and under increasing strain internationally, Omnicell has increased the development and delivery of its XT Electronic Dispensing Cabinets anywhere equipment and support facilities are most required – be they ICU / ED or new / repurposed treatment areas.

  • Quick to Order, Quick to Ship, Quick to Care
    • This involves simplifying the sourcing process and the development of cabinets on the basis of a negotiated quality supplement.
      For streamlined pre-configured XT product cabinet choices (based on common standards for ICU / ED areas), Omnicell is also in a position to supply cabinets to healthcare facilities within 14 days of the order being issued. There are two deployment choices depending on the needs-either self-install with remote assistance or on-site deployment with instruction.
  • Rapid Onboarding
    • The organization has developed a new ‘how-to’ 25-minute user training module; ‘Omnicell’s solutions for end-users’, as well as providing guidance on how to make sure the Omnicell hardware is clean.
  • Responding quickly to meet customers’ needs
    • Omnicell is growing its assistance to clients worldwide. Early this month, for example, Omnicell’s construction staff were on hand at Guys and St Thomas’s SLIM Trust in the UK to assist them in reconfiguring their ICU as it expands from 100 beds to 300 beds to accommodate the growing demand for facilities.
    • In addition to delivering the above facilities, Omnicell’s Pandemic Response Team has developed policies and guidelines designed to minimize the risk of virus infection and the associated effects on business operations. As such, they prioritized travel that is necessary for delivery and assistance while banning non-critical travel and implementing a regional policy for staff whose functions may be carried out remotely. It would continue to ensure a safe working atmosphere for clients and staff involved in essential business operations, including operation, delivery, and supply chain operations.
    • “Our implementation teams are now assisting healthcare professionals in the area as they react rapidly to the outbreak of COVID-19 and will continue to do so for as long as possible,” says Matthews. “It is important that those on the frontline are willing to rely entirely on delivering essential health treatment, with the awareness that they are assisted by the absolute best of key technology solutions. They recognize the need to allow healthcare facilities to ‘scale-up’ fast to satisfy the demand.
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