PUBG MOBILE Launches New Gameplay Management in The Middle East

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PUBG MOBILE new ‘Gameplay Management’ system is underway, in order to promote a sustainable digital footprint and provide a balanced gaming experience to PUBG players in the Middle East.

Testing its waters across the UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Qatar, it will then make its debut across the rest of the region. Whilst providing an engaging gaming experience, PUBG MOBILE will simultaneously adjust its interface and level-up its Gameplay Management by recognizing the needs of its players.

The Gameplay Management includes time reminders and notifications to check in, in order to ensure that the player enjoys maximum entertainment benefits while also maintaining responsibility and balance. This method allows the players to stay aware of their digital lifestyle and take charge of how and when to enjoy the online game.

The Gameplay Management system also includes an age-conscious login. To start the game, the player must activate the gameplay management system by confirming their age. Players below the age of 18 must take careful note of the gaming advisory before starting the game.

The notification system introduced by PUBG MOBILE, as part of its sustainable digital lifestyle initiative, helps younger players track as well as regulate the time they spend online. If the summative time frame of the game run is estimated to be around 4-6 hours, then those players that are under 18 will receive notifications of the amount of time they have spent on the game. If the estimated gameplay time exceeds 6 hours, access to the system will be suspended temporarily, urging young gamers to make a 15-minute rest every two hours before continuing. This new feature also develops an awareness in the younger gamers pool, of time management and the importance of taking time off of the virtual world to engage with their tangible surroundings.

“The Gameplay Management will help players of all ages, but particularly younger players, make informed choices in managing their time spent playing the game. We are committed to doing all we can to support our PUBG MOBILE fan community in the Middle East as we meet our commitment to continue to provide a positive interactive entertainment experience”, said Herman Zhao, Director of PUBG MOBILE Operation Team in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The Gameplay Management System will be introduced at international markets soon in the coming months. PUBG MOBILE will be the first interactive entertainment application to implement a Gameplay Management System on a global basis.

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