Top 5 Jobs Of The Future To Watch Out For In 2050

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The world is changing at an astonishing pace. Hence it is natural to expect the impact of those changes to affect the job market of the future too. Many of today’s jobs may become automated or obsolete.

Likewise, many of tomorrow’s job may be born out of something that does not even exist today. Here is a list of possible jobs of the future that we may be doing in 2050.

1. Custom Organ Designer

This job would definitely make the long waiting list for people waiting for organ donation possibly extinct. The idea is not impossible altogether. In the year 2014, doctors were able to successfully grow a complete organ inside an animal.

With this scientific advancement, grown organs are likely to be the primary source of organs for transplant. It would even allow doctors to design the organs with 100% effectiveness.  The skills required for bagging this job of the future will be an advanced degree in medicine coupled with thorough knowledge of genetics and the human body.

2. Space Tour Guide

Next on the list of jobs of the future is a space tour guide. With companies such as Virgin Galactic and SpaceX already investing heavily to commercialize space travel, the common man may in fact dream of taking his next vacation to the moon!

Not everyone can be an astronaut, hence special space tour guides will be required to help the visitors get acclimatized to the new environment. This job  will require a bachelors degree in STEM subjects, good people skills, along with abundant knowledge of the universe and basic safety protocols.

3. Cyborg Designer

As humans constantly strive to be limitless, there may be a high demand for expert cyborg designers that will help people merge with machines and overcome their natural limitations.

These designers may also create cybernetic organisms that are not human. Such organisms may be used in various fields such as health care, space exploration, sports, etc. A person choosing this role will require a complete understanding of the human body along with proficiency in operating advanced machinery.

4. Transportation Engineer

The days of driver-less transport is fast approaching. Self-driving cars are just the beginning of endless possibilities. With a lot of research and advancement already being done in this space, our cities may have transportation networks that are fully automated by 2050.

Hence transportation engineers will be required to provide an affordable, fast, safe and convenient mode of transport for people as well as goods. This job of the future will require candidates to apply their technical knowledge to develop vehicles of the future after factoring in the prevalent social, economic and political influences.

5. Pharmaceutical Artisan

The pharmacy career that exists today is set to witness a complete overhaul in the future. With the advent of 3D printing, it may be possible to manufacture medicines customized for individuals. Pharmaceutical artisans will be responsible for producing drugs based on the patient’s genetics, medical history, and habits.

The pharmacist of the future will require additional skills such as thorough knowledge about genetics and 3D printing along with the pharmacy degree.

Final Thoughts

Although 2050 may still be a long way, the jobs of the future are surely very exciting. Skills such as adaptability, mental elasticity, critical thinking, people skills, and creativity are sure to keep you in good stead no matter which year it is.

Milan holds a Masters in Business Administration and has taken a self-inflicted exile from the paid workforce to look after her twin daughters. She is trying to find the answer to the most dreaded question of any stay-at-home mum,”What do you do?”

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