Miss Lily’s Brings It With Foreign + Yard Every Saturday

Miss Lily’s Brings It With Foreign + Yard Every Saturday
Miss Lily’s Brings It With Foreign + Yard Every Saturday

Dubai’s favourite Caribbean hotspot, Miss Lily’s introduces a vibin’ Saturday offering that will bring the island to the city with a tropical burst of Jamaican plates, rum refreshments and tunes to match. Foreign + Yard will tap into your zest for life, ensuring the end of weekend blues are nowhere to be found. The party lives on and strong!

Foreign + Yard is a cultural celebration of Caribbean diaspora’s contribution to Music, Food, and Style.  As resident Dj Crown Prince puts it, “Foreign + Yard is a fitting play on words. We are foreigners in someone else’s yard (home). At the same time, we are inviting people who are foreign to experience our culture – showing them how we party back home (yard).”

Miss Lily’s brings an incredible serving of Jamaican deliciousness to the table, with Chef Richie’s fyah selection of starters, mains and desserts on hand to hit up the waistline with a flavorsome assault of ‘ah good!’

Kick things off by choosing either Patties – beef, chicken or callaloo (vegetarian), Peppa Shrimp– whole white prawns and scotch bonnet pepper or Stamp & Go– salted cod, Jamaican spices and tomato salsa.

Foreign + Yard serves up some real good mains, including the famous Yaad Bird– fried or jerk chicken, coleslaw served up with dirty mac & cheese. The melt in your mouth Ackee & Saltfish, is accompanied by green banana, fried dumpling, scotch bonnet pepper, bell pepper and tomato. Looking for the perfect comfort food? Then Stew Peas with red kidney beans, coconut cream, salted beef and coconut rice is the one for you! 

Foreign + Yard brings it with a choice of Dark Fruit Cake with vanilla rum sauce or moreish Homemade Coconut Cake laced in cream cheese frosting and sweet, coconut flakes. 

Foreign + Yard is dedicated to all things rum and a sizzling array are on offer. The Rum Program has been especially curated and includes the much-loved classics, as well as eight unique categories- each highlighting a different flavour profile of rum. This makes it an informative yet fun experience for guests who want to learn more about this spirit and the many varieties found across the world.

So, your Saturday is sorted, come catch a vibe at Foreign + Yard. And so di ting set!

Timings 6pm-3am.  

Pricing: AED 165 for food only. Rum refreshments are charged additionally