UAE to celebrate International Day of Peace

UAE to celebrate International Day of Peace
UAE to celebrate International Day of Peace

(WAM) — Tomorrow on 21st September, the UAE will celebrate the annual International Day of Peace launched by the United Nations, UN, General Assembly.

The country, which has a long history of promoting peace and reinforcing stability around the world, will celebrate the event after making the sovereign decision to sign a peace accord with Israel, which is a real opportunity for Middle Eastern countries to enjoy peace and stability after decades of conflict and tensions that have negatively affected the future of the region’s people.

The UAE affirms that the accord will enable it to better support the Palestinian people and achieve their aspirations to have an independent nation in a stable and prosperous region.

Since the era of the Founding Father the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE has been a key player and important partner, helping peace initiatives succeed both regionally and internationally.

The UAE, under the leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is spreading its message of peace to the entire world and contributing to the global efforts aimed at achieving security, stability and development.

Since its establishment, the UAE has adopted a successful foreign policy and established relations with all countries based on peace, mutual respect and not intervening in other countries’ internal affairs.

Over the past decades, the UAE has participated in peacekeeping operations as part of many international initiatives. In 1976, the country took part in the Arab Deterrent Force in Lebanon to prevent the eruption of a civil war and maintain peace. In 1991, it participated in the Peninsula Shield Force to liberate Kuwait with other Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC, countries and under the framework of the global alliance.

The UAE is also committed to supporting other countries and rebuilding the damage caused by conflicts in Somalia, where it sent an army battalion in 1993 as part of a UN force, upon a Security Council resolution.

In 1994, the UAE supported Bosnia after its war with Serbia and expressed concerns for the suffering of Bosnian Muslims, as well as contributed to many humanitarian projects aimed at helping rebuild Bosnia.

In 1999, the UAE Armed Forces constructed camp in Kukes, Albania to shelter thousands of Kosovan refugees in Albania and participated in peacekeeping operations in Kosovo, being the only Muslim country to send forces to join peacekeeping forces in Kosovo upon NATO’s approval.

In 2003, the UAE participated in peacekeeping operations with over 1,200 soldiers, who played a key role in securing the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Afghan people.

After the riots in Bahrain and the foreign interventions in its internal affairs in March 2011, the UAE participated in the Peninsula Shield Force to support the country, which maintained the security, stability and unity of its people.

In 2014, the UAE joined the global alliance against ‘Daesh’ and participated in military operations against the terrorist group in Syria, along with other Arab and foreign countries.

In March 2015, the UAE participated in the military campaign, entitled, “Operation Decisive Storm”, which is a Saudi-led Coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen.

On 25th July, 2018, the UAE’s efforts to achieve peace in the African Horn succeeded with the signing of the historic peace accord between Ethiopia and Eritrea.