Sohar International Viewpoints To Host Scientist & Mathematical Physicist Dr. Robbert Dijkgraaf

The 10th Edition of Viewpoints will host Dr. Robbert Dijkgraaf, Director and Leon Levy Professor at Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey in USA – one of the world’s foremost centers for curiosity-driven basic research.

Continuing to bring global learning and perspective to locally relevant topics, Sohar International’s thought-provoking Chairman’s forum – Viewpoints – is back with yet another compelling session on Sunday, January 17, 2021 starting at 7:30pm.

Chaired by Mr. Mohammed Mahfoudh Al Ardhi, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Sohar International, the 10th edition of Viewpoints will tread into the many nuances of a digital, technology-enabled world, underlined by age-old as well as modernised scientific infrastructure.

Announcing the latest edition, Mr. Mohammed Mahfoudh Al Ardhi said: “Viewpoints continues to share experiences, knowledge, and ideas from a global perspective through engagement with eminent international leaders.

“In the upcoming edition, we look into the deeper meanings of the imminent use of science and technology, especially in a new digitised and virtual world. We are confident that our community comprising of mostly youth will definitely benefit from this session as the take-aways will have a positive impact on the society and the nation at large.”

“In the upcoming session, we are proud to have Dr. Robbert Dijkgraaf. He is not only an effective communicator, but also a leader in science policymaking, and a trained artist.

“Through this session, Dr. Robbert will offer a global perspective on science and policy, in context to its local adaptability, thereby maximizing opportunities for Oman and its people to reflect on,” added Mr. Al Ardhi.

Dr. Dijkgraaf has served as President of the InterAcademy Partnership, a consortium of more than 130 of the world’s national science academies, and Co-Chair of the InterAcademy Council, the global alliance of science academies advising the United Nations, the World Bank, and other international organizations.

He co-authored ‘The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge’, which articulates how essential basic research and original thinking are essential for innovation and societal progress.

As the Director and Leon Levy Professor at Institute for Advanced Stud, Dr. Dijkgraaf is an impassioned and eloquent advocate for pure scientific inquiry and the vital importance of encouraging creativity, imagination, and ‘out of the box’ thinking.

In the last few years, Viewpoints – Sohar International Chairman’s forum, has gained audience eyeballs, for hosting the best of international experts as speakers. This, coupled with intriguing and engaging conversations, has put Viewpoints as a benchmark in events focused on building leadership equity.

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