Struggling in Office? 5 Ways to Work Smarter in 2020

Being effective at work is not just about working hard. It’s also about working smart.

Irrespective of your job profile or industry or sector or location, you may end up feeling like falling behind, unable to fit in the environment.

So, what’s the solution?

Logging in more hours? Picking up the tabs with bosses again? Being quite and submissive.

None of these will help you.

Here are 5 smart ways that you should follow:

1. Avoid drama

Though gossip is a form of bonding, experts say the best approach is to avoid gossip and drama altogether.

2. Improve your job interview skills

It can be helpful to remember that interviewing is about finding the right fit for both parties. This mindset can help to alleviate those interview “jitters”.

3. Get better at dealing with difficult people

One tactic that experts recommend is to pretend that you’re a “difficult person expert,” and the person you’re dealing with is a chance to observe an “amazing specimen” up close.

4. Use your strengths wisely

Be conscious not only of playing to your strengths, but of playing to your strengths in appropriate measure to the situation at hand.

5. Find more happiness at work

Rather than doing a complete job overhaul, by focusing more on tasks that you find meaningful, it may be possible to thrive more in your current position